Help With Logon

User Name: is normally just your Last Name. It is not case sensitive. If your district has another policy for the User Name, you must contact them directly.

Password: is controlled by the district. You must contact the district directly if you have misplaced or forgotten your password. Many districts will change the password when they need to stop someone from accessing the system, e.g., substitutes whose certification has expired. Our company can not issue passwords.

Select District: this list allows substitutes that work in multiple districts to use the same User Name and Password for each. Subs may monitor several school districts all at the same time. You may also just use the first letter of you district to go to that spot on the list.

Saving Passwords: each browser handles storing passwords differently. Please use your browser Help option to find out your process. Our company does not save passwords due to the fact that students may have access to our program while in the classroom.

Need Help?: If you require assistance, please contact the substitute coordinator at your school district. Only they will be able to look at your account and reset and/or give you your password or user name. Our company CANNOT issue or give you passwords or login access. If you are having a technical issue with our website, send us an email at for assistance.

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